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4 Ways to Keep Sensitive Data from Escaping to the Public Cloud

Posted on September 29, 2018 in Articles | by

Think about how many cloud services you use every day. Chances are that it’s a mixture of services managed by your employer and others that you’ve chosen to use in your personal life.

As an IT professional, you might carefully manage the separation between those worlds, but it’s easy for non-IT users to accidentally spread information from their work life into their personal cloud services. When this happens without IT staff being aware of it, the institution is at risk of exposure to loss, theft or public disclosure of sensitive information.

Let’s look at four ways to manage faculty and staff use of cloud services to detect data leaks and repatriate improperly exposed data.

Published September 2018 in EdTech Magazine.

Read the full article: 4 Ways to Keep Sensitive Data from Escaping to the Public Cloud 


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