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Achieving a Best-in-Class Wireless Infrastructure

Posted on December 10, 2014 in White Papers | by

Today’s increasingly mobile workforce demands ubiquitous, fast wireless access to meet the changing needs of the modern organization. The Wi-Fi networks that used to support this access often grew organically and were not engineered to support the widespread, high bandwidth needs of users.

The advent of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard provides IT professionals with the opportunity to both upgrade their network capacity and redesign their wireless strategy to better support the rapid rise of mobile computing. The new standard boosts performance through a number of improvements including wider channels and better modulation techniques.

Adopting an 802.11ac strategy can increase the value that IT delivers to an organization’s mission. IT professionals should understand the technical features of 802.11ac and how organizations can prepare their networks for this new technology. They can use a number of strategies when adopting 802.11ac, as they strive to implement a best-in-class wireless network.

Read the full CDW white paper: Achieving a Best-in-Class Wireless Infrastructure



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