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Are Your Passwords Secure?

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Is your dark secret that you’ve used the same password on every website you’ve visited for the past ten years? Are you worried about the security of your financial, email and social media accounts? Hackers have tools at their disposal that allow them to gain access to your password, but they all require that you first make a mistake. By following some simple password security practices, you can protect the security of your accounts from prying eyes.

If you’ve watched too many Hollywood movies, you might have a mental image of a hacker sitting behind a computer screen running software that automatically guesses each character in your password until it locks in on the correct value. Fortunately, this isn’t really possible because almost any website will lock out your account after repeated login failures. How, then, do hackers gain access to the accounts of unsuspecting users?

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Published November 17, 2014 in Certification Magazine


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