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Building a Vulnerability Management Program

Posted on October 8, 2012 in Articles | by

How vulnerable are your IT systems to an electronic intrusion?  If you think you’re safe, what evidence do you have to back up that opinion?  One common thread shared by many high-profile security breaches is that both technical and business leadership shared a sense that their systems were in good hands and secure.  Obviously, they were incorrect.

Building a robust vulnerability management program takes the subjective nature out of these assessments and allows an organization’s leadership to gain quantitative insight into the effectiveness of security controls.  A robust program combines the use of scanning technology with management practices designed to prioritize and remediate high-risk vulnerabilities before they are exploited by an attacker.  In this article, we examine some ways you can build a robust vulnerability management program for your organization.

Originally published in BizTech Magazine, Oct 08, 2012

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