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Compliance 101: What do enterprises need to include in compliance training?

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Listening in on conversations around the water cooler at organizations of all sizes gives the impression that compliance awareness is at an all-time high. However, we continue to see news reports of compliance breaches that result from the inadvertent actions of employees unfamiliar with the consequences of their actions. Organizations that build and maintain a robust compliance training program can mitigate this risk and reduce the likelihood that a routine error will lead to a major compliance issue.

Gathering Resources

As you begin to put together your compliance training program, you’ll need to gather the human and financial resources that you’ll need to develop a robust approach to training and assessment. As with any commitment of resources, this is easiest to achieve if you have executive support. Building a strong business case for your training program and gaining the support of organizational leaders is an effective way to remove barriers and obtain the funding and time commitment necessary to design, implement and deploy a training initiative.

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