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Connect to the red-hot hiring realm of network security with these top certs

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New network security threats arise on almost a daily basis, as users explore new ways of working and hackers develop increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques. Modern users expect the ability to bring their own smartphones and tablets to the workplace and interact with sensitive business information seamlessly from their home or office, and while on the road.

At the same time, the network security threat landscape has shifted significantly over the past decade. The greatest risk to enterprise network security is no longer the isolated individual in a basement seeking the thrill of breaking into a new environment. Instead, today’s adversary is most often an organized, highly skilled team of attackers with a clear objective.

These changes in usage patterns and threat landscape place significant demands on the technology professionals responsible for protecting the safety and security of enterprise networks. Most organizations now employ network security experts who focus their time and talent on these issues, creating a lucrative new career path for technologists seeking to broaden their experience and find new opportunities.

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