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Four Strategies for Successful Next Generation Firewall Deployments

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Are you thinking about deploying next generation firewall technology to better protect your agency against advanced persistent threats? It’s hard to spend any time in information security circles without hearing about the new features of these devices and the promise that they hold for bolstering perimeter defenses against increasingly sophisticated and well-fundedcyberattackers.

The next generation firewall (NGFW) adopts a comprehensive approach to information security management by combining many different security technologies within a single device. They perform the basic firewall protection that we expect from a perimeter protection device but supplement this stateful inspection approach with intrusion prevention, content filtering and application control features. Security administrators benefit from a single management interface and the agency benefits by having these diverse security technologies operate in a coordinated fashion. In this article, we examine four strategies that you can use to ensure a successful NGFW deployment in your agency.

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Published October 2014 in FedTech Magazine


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