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Get the spam out of here!

Posted on October 27, 2003 in Articles | by

Let’s face it – spam is becoming a serious problem. Just a year or two ago, it was a minor nuisance. I’d estimate that, in 1999, about 5-10% of the e-mail I received at my business and personal accounts was spam. This year, I’d place that figure at somewhere around 60-70%. Studies conducted by anti-spam companies confirm this figure, estimating that spam traffic might actually exceed legitimate e-mail in 2003. The concern doesn’t even take into account that spam is often the delivery method for a host of vi畲敳⁳湡⁤牔橯湡栠牯敳⹳吠敨瀠瑯湥楴污挠獯⁴潴愠牯慧楮慺楴湯椠潣灭瑵湩⁧敲潳牵散⁳湡⁤潬瑳洠湡潰敷⁲潣汵⁤敢愠瑳潲潮業慣⹬ 䤀癐ⴶ晉礠畯爧⁥潮⁴污敲摡⁹獵湩⁧⁡敮睴牯捡散獳挠湯牴汯瀠潲畤瑣椠潹牵攠瑮牥牰獩ⱥ挠慨据獥愠敲琠慨⁴潹❵敲攠瑩敨⁲牰灥

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