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Linux Security Certifications

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Over two thirds of the servers running Internet-facing websites run variations of the Linux operating system, according to W3Techs Web Technology Surveys. If your organization is among this large group, do you have the skills that you need to properly secure these systems? Failure to implement strong Linux security safeguards may lead to website defacements or, in the worst case, provide hackers with a launching pad to wage an attack against sensitive information stored on your internal network. Organizations running Linux servers must have competently trained security teams with the skills required to harden those systems against attack.

Linux security certifications provide IT professionals with a standardized way to demonstrate their system defense skills to potential employers. These certifications may be narrowly focused on Linux security, but they cover a wide range of topics within that domain! Students studying for a Linux security certification will cover ground including firewalls, network security, encryption, application and operating system patching and other important topics. Candidates who go on to pass the exam will be able to leverage these skills in an increasingly competitive employment market and stand out from the crowd when competing for lucrative Linux security engineering positions.

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Published October 7, 2015 in Certification Magazine


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