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Managed security providers: What’s new?

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The managed security service provider market has grown recently, with providers adding both new customers and new services designed to respond to the changing cybersecurity threat landscape. Let’s look at two areas of note: the way that organizations evaluate managed security service providers, or MSSPs, and the types of services they can offer.

Evaluating managed security providers

The MSSP landscape is more crowded today than it was just three years ago, when I wrote about what was then an emerging world. The most recent Forrester Wave report identified 11 major MSSPs, but those large providers are only the tip of the iceberg: Many smaller firms occupy niche portions of the managed security space. This makes it extremely important that organizations critically evaluate the competitive offerings of MSSP candidates.

I originally suggested that organizations ask three questions of their enterprise as they consider whether to evaluate, and how to choose from, the many managed security providers in the market:

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