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Multifactor Authentication and Smartphones

Posted on February 7, 2013 in Articles | by

For decades, organizations have used security tokens to provide added security for sensitive IT resources.  Traditionally, these keyfobs were small electronic devices attached to a person’s keyring that produced a one-time password used to log in to high security system.  Users normally balked at the idea of carrying a bulky security token with them at all times and IT departments often chose not to adopt the technology because of their objections.

There’s a new game in town that’s bringing multifactor authentication into the mainstream: technology that allows the smartphones that users already carry to serve as a multifactor authentication device.  These solutions are broadly appealing to both end users, who no longer need to carry around separate tokens, and security managers, who lower their expenses.

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Originally published in BizTech Magazine, Feb 07, 2013


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