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Network Security: Get Certified!

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Network security professionals with proven skills can almost write their own job description. A shortage of networking professionals combined with increased demand for enterprise security expertise leaves us with a career field in dire need of qualified practitioners. If you’re interested in proving your qualifications to administer network security, you may wish to consider earning a professional certification that will serve you well for years to come.

Organizations around the world require network security teams with a wide variety of experience. Firewall administrators install and configure perimeter security to create boundaries that malicious individuals can’t breach. Wireless security experts protect the communications flying around open airspace from prying eyes. Network engineers with security backgrounds configure routers, switches and other network devices with an eye toward creating a hardened network. Security is at the heart of all networking activities and this need creates many lucrative professional opportunities on enterprise networking teams, with information security staffs and with network and security consulting firms.

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