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The science (and certification) of writing secure code

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The world runs on code. From online banking to electronic voting systems and from self-driving cars to medical devices, almost every aspect of modern life relies upon software for safety, efficiency and convenience. Millions of lines of code intersect with our lives on a daily basis.

The security of that code is paramount to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information, systems and devices upon which we rely. Unfortunately, there is a world full of hackers and other threat actors who wish to deprive us of the secure use of that code and focus relentlessly on undermining software security.

For many years, application developers adopted a “get it done” mindset that focused on shipping code as quickly as possible to gain market share, capitalize on business opportunities and improve efficiency. This mindset often sacrificed security as a burdensome afterthought that simply got in the way of progress.

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