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Securing the Internet of Things

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Browse the shelves of your local home improvement or appliance store and you likely won’t be able to move two steps before encountering a device bearing the adjective “smart.”  From televisions and microwaves to toothbrushes and sprinkler systems, almost every conceivable consumer device comes with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.  While exciting, the Internet of Things also introduces a whole new world of security risks, providing hackers with millions of new targets for their nefarious activities.  A recent IDC report predicted that 90% of all networks will experience an IoT-related security breach by the end of 2016.  That’s a sobering statistic!

IoT devices aren’t just popping up in homes – they’re also appearing in offices and on factory floors.  In some cases, these are the results of well-planned IT projects designed to improve automation or facilitate data collection.  In other cases, well-meaning employees may simply plug an IoT device into an available network port without recognizing the risks such a device might pose to enterprise security.  Security and networking professionals must understand the scope of IoT efforts within their organization along with the tools and techniques at their disposal to help protect against this threat.

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