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Securing Mobile Devices with Containers

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Chances are that right now, there are hundreds or thousands of individuals around the world carrying mobile devices that hold sensitive information belonging to your organization.  In many cases, these may be personally owned devices connected to enterprise systems.  Are you confident that if one of these devices is lost or stolen that your organization’s data is safe?  If an employee leaves the company, are you certain that you can successfully remove enterprise data from their personally owned devices?

Managed containers promise to provide organizations with this peace-of-mind.  They make use of encryption technology to isolate the organization’s sensitive information from other components of a mobile device and strictly control the use and dissemination of that information, as well as enforce strong security measures around it.  Container systems typically support the major mobile operating systems and may be used on both enterprise-owned and personally-owned devices.

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Originally published in BizTech Magazine, Feb 26, 2013

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