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SIEM vs SOAR: What?s the Difference, and Do Businesses Need Both?

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The cybersecurity world is full of acronyms; it’s difficult to go an entire year without vendors beating down the door to promote the latest one as the solution to security woes for businesses. The latest entrant into this progression of technologies is the security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform, a platform that vendors promise will decrease incident response time, improve visibility into the security function and make security teams’ lives easier.

That sounds great, but many businesses have already made significant investments in security information and event management technology. Does implementing SOAR involve throwing those SIEM investments out the window? Let’s take a deeper dive into these questions and explore how SOAR and SIEM fit into the enterprise cybersecurity toolkit.

Published July 2019 in BizTech Magazine.

Read the full article: SIEM vs SOAR: What?s the Difference, and Do Businesses Need Both?

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