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Six Big Cybersecurity Certification Changes for 2018

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On the heels of one of the most significant years in cybersecurity history, organizations around the world are making plans to develop the cybersecurity skills of their technical teams in 2018. IT leaders recognize that the threat landscape continues to shift and that they require skilled cybersecurity professionals to protect their information and systems against sophisticated attackers.

Whether you’re already a cybersecurity professional, or you’re seeking to switch into an exciting, growing career field, there’s plenty of opportunity to go around. The field needs plenty of newcomers to fill the cybersecurity skills gap and opportunities abound for existing security professionals to ramp up their skills and earn internal promotions and opportunities at new firms.

Just as the changing threat environment is creating new staffing needs, it’s also leading the technical certification industry to increase their focus on cybersecurity certification programs. The next 12 months will be full of changes in professional certification programs and IT pros should pay careful attention. Let’s break down some of the biggest developments in the field as we enter the new year.

Published January 2018 in Certification Magazine.
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