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The VPN Is Obsolete. Here’s What to Do Instead.

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The virtual private network has been a vital enabler of remote work for decades. But the technology, invented in 1996, is getting a bit long in the tooth. And when too many people are on a VPN simultaneously, as has been the case all summer with most businesses, issues with application latency are inevitable.

The good news is, there’s a better way for modern businesses to protect their networks no matter how many remote workers they have.

Tunnel to the Network

VPNs fit into the perimeter protection model of cybersecurity. Years ago, it was common for security professionals to describe the networks as having “hard outer shells and soft chewy interiors.” This phrase meant that businesses focused primarily on building walls around networks designed to protect the trusted resources on the inside from threat actors. This approach required robust firewalls designed to keep out virtually all traffic from the internet.

Published July 2020 in BizTech Magazine.
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