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Weighing double key encryption challenges, payoffs

Posted on December 9, 2020 in Articles | by

Encryption is one of the cornerstones of cybersecurity. Organizations rely on this technology to protect data while it is in transit over a network or when it is stored on a disk. Encryption relies on mathematical algorithms that perform intense computations that obscure data so it cannot be retrieved without access to the appropriate decryption key. That decryption key essentially serves as a password for the data. Thus, whoever holds the decryption key may unlock the data, while preventing access to those without it.

If encryption is good for data protection, double key encryption must be twice as good, right? Well, not necessarily. Performing encryption twice does not inherently add value in every situation. Organizations using an encryption algorithm with a strong key to protect data will likely not significantly improve security by encrypting data twice with double key encryption technology.

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