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White Paper: Risk Assessment and Data Loss Prevention

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Cloud computing, virtualization, social networking, mobility, peer-to-peer computing: Although these terms spark innovative ideas in many parts of an organization, they may also simultaneously raise eyebrows among IT security professionals, many of whom may be unsure how new technology affects risk.

Indeed, these emerging technologies pose unique challenges to those charged with safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and IT systems.

Several important issues guide the evolution of security practices in response to these potential threats. First, IT security professionals must always keep the end goal in sight: protecting the operational interests of the organization. The second important driving force is risk assessment. Each security project should be based on due diligence associated with a risk assessment developed using a sound approach either quantitative or qualitative.

Read the full white paper: Risk Assessment and Data Loss Prevention

Published as a CDW White Paper on May 1, 2011


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