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XDR: The Next Evolution in Endpoint Detection and Response?

Posted on October 28, 2020 in Articles | by

There’s a new security solution in town and it’s rapidly gaining traction. As with many security technologies that have come before it, XDR platforms currently exist in the gray area that lies somewhere between revolutionary new tech and a rebranding of existing solutions. 

But what is XDR, and is the timing right for your organization to consider deploying it?

What Is Extended Detection and Response?

Before we get into the capabilities of XDR systems, it’s notable that the term XDR is itself the source of some confusion. What everyone agrees on is that XDR is meant to be the next step in endpoint detection and response platforms. However, some say XDR is an acronym for “extended detection and response,” while others say the X represents “anything,” just as XaaS is “Anything as a Service.” Still others simply use XDR as a noun, avoiding any expansion of the term.

Published October 2020 in BizTech Magazine.
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