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Cybersecurity training for employees: The why and how

Posted on December 17, 2020 in Articles | by

Cybersecurity training programs play a crucial role in keeping employees informed about the changing threat landscape and about their personal role in protecting the organization and its stakeholders. Unfortunately, these programs often suffer from a lack of attention, resulting in dull and potentially outdated content that doesn’t effectively engage employees and, therefore, fails to achieve its cybersecurity objectives.

We’ve all been there: subjected to some sort of mandatory corporate training program that is outside our field of expertise and a distraction from the work we desperately need to finish. When the third nagging email lands in our inbox, threatening to notify our boss if we don’t complete the training program by the end of the day, we follow basic instinct. We open the 45-minute video in a new tab, press play and immediately turn our attention back to our work. If the sound stops in the background, we go back to the hidden tab and answer some simplistic quiz question with an obvious answer to get the video to continue.

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