Information Security Leader, Author, Instructor and Speaker

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The CIO’s Playbook: Preparing for Data Breach Notifications TAGS: | | “The days and hours immediately after a data breach are critical,” said Mike Chapple, adjunct research analyst with IDC’s IT …Continue reading →

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5 Tips for Updating a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan TAGS: | Many security teams are operating with incident response plans that haven’t been updated — or even looked at — in …Continue reading →

Incident Response with NetFlow For Dummies TAGS: | Learn how NetFlow analysis can dramatically accelerate incident response by delivering complete network visibility to discover, investigate, and counteract a …Continue reading →

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Building a Security Incident Response Program TAGS: “Boss, I think we might have a security problem.”  There are few words more likely to strike fear in the …Continue reading →

Mike Chapple, CISSP, Ph.D.

Mike is an IT leader, information security professional, author, speaker and trainer with over fifteen years of experience in the field.

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