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Closing the Cybersecurity Generation Gap

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Businesses around the world find their workforces increasingly divided along generational lines.  As the Boomer generation nears retirement, they find themselves in leadership positions managing a workforce composed of Millennials who approach the workplace with completely different attitudes.  In the realm of cybersecurity, several recent studies found that this tech-savvy generation is surprisingly naïve when it comes to protecting personal and corporate information.

In a mobile device security survey conducted by Absolute Software, 25% of members of the Millennial generation responded that they believe their digital behavior compromises the security of their organization.  That’s a shocking number by itself but it becomes even more surprising when compared to the 5% of Boomers who reported similar behavior.  This huge generational divide requires attention from security professionals who will want to design security programs to compensate for these differences.  Let’s look at five ways that organizations can tailor security controls to bridging the generational cybersecurity divide.

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Published August 24, 2016 in BizTech Magazine

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