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Information Security Management: Making the Leap

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If you’re looking for a career path that allows you to exercise both leadership and technical skills, technology management may be an appropriate path for you.  In particular, technology professionals with a security background will find that information security management offers the combination of a challenging work environment with a potentially lucrative career in a high-demand field.  Succeeding as an information security manager requires a unique blend of technical, leadership and social skills but offers tremendous rewards to those who make the cut.

Organizations around the world struggle constantly with security challenges and one need look no farther than the evening news to see evidence.  Major security breaches have rocked both the public and private sectors in recent years and Congress finds themselves grappling with thorny legislative issues that seek to balance national security interests with those of information security.  As organizations seek to thrive in this murky environment, they require strong leadership for their information security and compliance functions.  As with many technical disciplines, they often find it challenging to attract highly qualified talent to their information security management positions because there is a relatively small pool of qualified individuals who are in great demand.  This combination of circumstances offers great opportunity to those seeking a career in security leadership.

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