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Cyberwarfare: Information Operations in a Connected World

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cyberwarfareCyberwarfare: Information Operations in a Connected World puts students on the real-world battlefield of cyberspace! It reviews the role that cyberwarfare plays in modern military operations — operations in which it has become almost impossible to separate cyberwarfare from traditional warfare.

Part 1 discusses the history of cyberwarfare and the variety of new concerns its emergence has fostered–from tactical considerations to the law of armed conflict and protection of civilians.

Part 2 discusses how offensive cyberwarfare has become an important part of the modern military arsenal. The rise of the advanced persistent threat has changed the face of cyberwarfare, and military planners must now be conscious of a series of cyberwarfare actions. In response, the defensive strategies that militaries use have evolved to protect themselves against cyber attacks. The concept of defense-in-depth is critical to building a well-rounded defense that will stand up to cyberwarfare events.

Part 3 explores the future of cyberwarfare; its interaction with military doctrine; and the Pandora’s box opened by recent events, which have set the stage for future cyber attacks.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates hands-on activities, relevant examples, and realistic exercises to prepare readers for their future careers
  • Examines the importance of information as a military asset, from the days of Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar to the present
  • Discusses cyberwarfare in light of the law of war and international conventions, and the new questions it is raising
  • Reviews the various methods of attack used in recent years by both nation-state and nonstate actors
  • Outlines strategies for defending endpoints, networks, and data
  • Offers predictions on the future of cyberwarfare and its interaction with military doctrine
  • Provides fresh capabilities information drawn from the Snowden NSA leaks

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