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Defending Macs and iOS Devices Against Malware

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“Apple devices don’t get malware.” Those words have echoed throughout technology organizations and, for years, they were generally true. Times have changed, however, and both Macintosh computers and iOS mobile devices are now the source of frequent security vulnerabilities and find themselves the focus of malware authors and hackers. The rising prevalence of Apple devices in traditionally Windows-centric businesses, government agencies, and other organizations has placed iOS and Mac OS X squarely in the crosshairs of attackers seeking access to sensitive information and resources. Technology professionals seeking to secure their organizations must develop a strategy that considers both Apple and Windows security equally.

The Apple security landscape shifted dramatically during 2015 with several major changes that should cause every technology professional to reconsider previous opinions they held about the security of OS X and iOS devices. Apple products earned the dubious distinction of ranking first in the number of security vulnerabilities included in the well-respected Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database during 2015. An analysis of the database by CVE Details found that the database added 654 Apple vulnerabilities during 2015, compared to 571 vulnerabilities for Microsoft, who earned second place on the list.

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Published April 11, 2016 in StateTech Magazine

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