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Secure Cloud: Earning Your Cloud Security Certification

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Cloud computing is transforming the world of information technology before our eyes. Less than a decade ago, IT teams focused most of their time on building enterprise data centers, managing capacity and building custom applications. Today, times have changed and many organizations are now shifting their focus toward the cloud, moving to a world where automation and integration dominate and enterprises purchase much of their computing as a service from a number of different providers.

This shift toward the cloud doesn’t only change the world of developers and engineers, it also dramatically affects the work of information security professionals. In the world of cloud computing, assessments rise in importance and contract language becomes as significant a security control as the configuration of the enterprise firewall. As security professionals seek to reinvent themselves as cloud security experts, they must gain new knowledge and skills and may wish to pursue professional certifications that help them demonstrate this aptitude to current and potential employers.

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Published March 28, 2016 in Certification Magazine

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